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As the cell grows under the influence of turgor pressure against the plasma membrane, the membrane must enlarge and be strengthened by the deposition of new material.
In the elongating part of the growing leaf [PSI] = -0.5-0.55 MPa, which promotes high turgor pressure for subsequent leaf growth [98].
In an attempt to increase the efficiency of this system, turgor pressure of the sugar solution within the Petri dish was increased by injecting a higher volume (9 ml); resulting in an important decrease of RDel mortality.
(2012) stated that once turgor pressure is related to leaf water potential and xylem pressure, respectively, one of the most important driving forces for sap flow can be monitored longer.
Turgor pressure reaches to zero when plant wilts and at this time cells start to collapse damage to plasma membrane and enzyme protein starts to denature.
One of the first signs of water shortage, reducing turgor pressure and consequently reduced cell growth and development, particularly in stems and leaves.
Leger, "The Metarhizium anisopliae perilipin homolog [MPL.sub.1] regulates lipid metabolism, appressorial turgor pressure, and virulence," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Growth is one of the physiological processes which is sensitive to drought and can be affected by reduction in turgor pressure. Because of low turgor pressure, water stress quenches cell expansion and growth.
Besides acting as a medium for dissolving solutes, water provides the turgor pressure for cells and participates directly in several biochemical reactions.
cannifolium; both drought and growth under SC decreased leaf sap osmotic potential ([[psi].sub.[pi]]) in both species, helping maintain turgor pressure in B.