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Reduced turn-around time: The automation of 15 different loan application forms have reduced the turn-around time for filling up applications by 50 per cent, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.
GBS' goal of rapid turn-around times did not come at the expense of accuracy or quality.
The turn-around plan was created as a direct response to this situation and aimed at solving this external challenge by resizing the group's own operations internally and ultimately bringing it back to profitability.
The turn-around company Journal Register hired is Conway, Del Genio, Gries & Co.
In 2004 the district adopted a state-supported turn-around plan that included three priorities to be addressed: curriculum alignment; implementation of data-driven instructional practices; and building community cohesion in support of quality teaching, learning and student support services in the town's three schools.
Long aircraft downtime and slow turn-around time caused by incomplete paperwork may be your fault.
I then finished what I thought was the rest of the turn-around inspection.
Stromsdal on Wednesday (28 June) said that it had failed to reach an intended minimum subscription level of EUR7m in a new share issue which was to finance the turn-around programme.
Breece Hill's (Louisville, CO) transformation came largely through the efforts of Phil Pascarelli, whose efforts rank him with top-tier turn-around artists on the order of StorageTek's Patrick Martin and Xiotech's Ken Hendrickson.
Yet, it's not unusual for outside turn-around consultants to find million-dollar ERP systems and reams of operational data--along with the absence of a cogent daily and weekly reporting package that tells management how the business is running.
Super flow-through financing has arrested the decline in junior mining company expenditures, but the turn-around is weak, says David Comba, director, issues management, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).
will see still further progress on turn-around times, both in terms of shorter duration and more predictability for industry.