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On SAA, a 90-day Action Plan was successfully implemented and new turn-around strategy developed and adopted by Cabinet in June 2015.
GBS' goal of rapid turn-around times did not come at the expense of accuracy or quality.
The turn-around plan was created as a direct response to this situation and aimed at solving this external challenge by resizing the group's own operations internally and ultimately bringing it back to profitability.
Implemented in May 2010, the Turn-Around Plan included asset redeployment, staff reductions, rigorous cost management, network/market alignment and enhanced commercial offering, which were rolled over the several months that followed.
I already had signed my turn-around card, which stated both my intakes were good.
through more than 300 Insty-Prints franchise locations, is a full service business printer focused on the fast turn-around market.
In summary, plastics for foundry tooling has grown because they offer the shortest turn-around time after production of a master pattern, simple pattern duplication, light weight tooling, simplified pattern modification and repair, and the ability to use existing pattern equipment for masters, all of which add up to significant cost savings.
He indicates that the claim processing turn-around time through the month of December was .
As discussed earlier, reducing turn-around time by increasing FMS customer self sufficiency or relying on expedited transportation can achieve a significant reduction in pipeline spares cost.
Operating performance was also affected due to higher costs associated with the implementation of the new management team's operating turn-around strategy.