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TURNKEY. A person under the superintendence of a jailor, whose employment is to open and fasten the prison doors and to prevent the prisoners from escaping.
     2. It is his duty to use due diligence, and he may be punished for gross neglect or willful misconduct in permitting prisoners to escape.

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The provider of the turnkey system should, therefore, offer recipes unique to the establishment and consistently reproducible, as part of the turnkey price.
Also RTM metering equipment and complete automated turnkey systems.
International Turnkey Systems Group (ITS), a provider of Islamic banking solutions, has said that it has signed a deal with Morocco-based Al Akdhar Bank.
OIFI wishes to announce that the OIFI certification granted to Islamic banking and finance information systems offered by International Turnkey Systems (ITS) has been withdrawn with effect from 1 October 2013," said OIFI in a media statement.
Shomail Ghalib, President and CEO, TechAccess thanked International Turnkey Systems and reiterated the importance of the relationship that TechAccess enjoys with International Turnkey Systems.
5 per cent rise in 2010 operating profit as margins in turnkey systems nearly doubled on smoother delivery of projects.
US engineered products and systems maker ESCO Technologies (NYSE:ESE) said today it has taken over Germany-based turnkey systems and shielded environments company EMV Elektronische Messgerate Vertriebs along with its unit Emscreen Electromagnetic Screening.
specializes in engineering and building turnkey systems to provide consistently high quality metal to the casting station.
Many types of systems can be custom-designed and engineered to meet customer requirements, including net weighers with feeders; automatic carbon, drum and pail filling lines with indexing roller conveyors; automatic batching systems; feeding, screening and product conveying equipment; and total turnkey systems custom-engineered to exact specifications.
Shomail Ghalib, President and CEO Techaccess thanked International Turnkey Systems and reiterated the importance of the excellent relationship that Techaccess enjoys with International Turnkey Systems.