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TUTORSHIP. The power which an individual, sui juris, has to take care of the person of one who is unable to take care of himself. Tutorship differs from curatorship, (q.v.) Vide Procurator; Pro-tutor; Undertutor.

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He has extensive collaborations with the local University of Torino--Computer Science Department, which include common research projects and students' tutorship.
TUSIAD said it rejected all sorts of pressure and tutorship over the free will of individuals.
The striker, nicknamed Pele, has flourished under the tutorship of Becks at the Galaxy and, with nine goals already in the MLS this season, Capello fears that his newest scout has created a monster.
The Don't Forget Us (DFU) Peer Tutorship Program is designed to enhance academic success in the District of Columbia Department of Corrections' Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Education Development (GED) programs.
The 10-week junior coaching programme will allow children aged 5-12 years to develop their skills, under the tutorship of internationally qualified and experienced staff.
1) It was in these two powerful institutions that potential Nigerian musicians had their formative tutorship and foundation in Western classical music.
The protectorate is a form of an international tutorship coming out from the international right when a weaker state, upon an agreement, gives the management of all or some of its mainly international authorities to a stronger state (depending on the conditions in the agreement).
Elected to a Tutorship in 1970, he was appointed Senior Lecturer eight years later and in 1980 was elected a Fellow of TCD.
Alex spent four years at Sellers in its main band under the tutorship of Phillip McCann.
We don't have a good record against Southern Hemisphere sides, but now it's Deccie's team and we have proved a capable side under his tutorship.
Malik, I studied one course under his tutorship at the university in Beirut.