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TUTORSHIP. The power which an individual, sui juris, has to take care of the person of one who is unable to take care of himself. Tutorship differs from curatorship, (q.v.) Vide Procurator; Pro-tutor; Undertutor.

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After Clough resigned his tutorship at Oriel College, Oxford, in April 1848, he traveled to Paris in early May and over the next month--while dining daily with his American friend Ralph Waldo Emerson--personally witnessed the political turmoil sweeping the city that year, turmoil in which Houssaye, as a writer, editor, and (unsuccessful) legislative candidate, was deeply and directly involved.
It was limited to Gurukuls where upper caste young boys would go to study under the tutorship of a guru.
He quickly progressed and with training courses and on the job tutorship under his belt, Chris soon developed a knack of selling properties and forging good relationships with clients.
While Shubha began her journey with Odissi while staying in Bay Area, under the tutorship of Guru Niharika Mohanty, Srividya has completed her Diploma in Kuchipudi under the guidance of her guru Vijayavalli Priya.
The Qur'an testifies to the disputes this request had caused among the Priests of the Temple so as to decide under whose tutorship and custody she would be.
Ever since the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh has been halted, Azerbaijan has been able to develop its economy in relative stability and beyond the tutorship of Moscow.
Those in receipt of grants are obliged to do a distance learning course, and receive supervision and tutorship from doctors with experience in primary healthcare.
El nuevo papel del profesor universitario en el proceso de convergencia europea y su relacion con la interaccion, la tutoria y el aprendizaje autonomo [The new role of the university teacher in the process of European convergence and its relation with interaction, tutorship, and autonomous learning].
Remember how Roach would insist that Bradley could never hope to change or improve under the tutorship of the respected and credentialed Teddy Atlas?
The discipline is organized in theoretical moments, of concentration, with the attendance of the entire group (20% of the total number of hours), and tutorship moments at a USF located in the Gloria-Cruzeiro-Cristal District (80% of the total number of hours).
However, Timor-Leste, under the UN's tutorship, is trying to respond to climate change issues by engaging with international agreements and conferences.
Following studies at the University of Florida, where he did a thesis exploring Isamu Noguchi's proposal for Miami's Bayfront Park, and falling under the tutorship of famed Brazilian landscape genius Roberto Burle-Marx (he of the wavy Copacabana beach promenade), Jungles committed himself to a landscape ideology that favors organic, regionally inspired elements arranged in unruly simplicity.