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The procedure developed by Edelman, Klein, and Lindquist was designed to measure disorder in a single dimension, but it can easily be applied to two dimensions by examining disorder in each dimension separately.
A necessary compromise is in between the two dimensions of the national question, the external and the internal.
Obama also leads by double digits on two dimensions that tap Americans' perceptions of the candidates' political independence: being independent in his thoughts and actions, and standing up to special interests.
Although Gibson and Dembo (1984) found two dimensions of teacher efficacy, our analysis revealed three dimensions with eignenvalues greater than one.
But another of LeWitt's apothegms, "Any idea that is better stated in two dimensions should not be in three dimensions," does not apply to Mancuska's artwork and suggests a measure of his achievement: The sculptural presence of True Story dramatizes the oft-overlooked physical aspect of the activity of reading and stages a memorable confrontation between the two-dimensionality of words and the three-dimensionality of lived experience.
Adding two dimensions to the image, one for time and another for value, provides a clearer image of mine production, Dasys says.
The Polar Express'' was constructed with 3D computer-generated modeling, but it is projected in two dimensions on traditional movie screens.
Based on Dahl's two dimensions, Turkey qualifies as a polyarchy, but the fact that the army has set limits on what the popularly elected government does (and recurrently has taken power when it was dissatisfied) belies this designation to a considerable degree.
Using the Senseweb is a bit like playing Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report, only using two dimensions instead of three.
I mean a body without two dimensions and a middle upon which it is centered.
It is always difficult to present the spatial, lummous and tectonic qualities of a minimalist design on paper in two dimensions yet the entrant has managed to do so admirably.
The AFM and STM are generally limited to two dimensions with a very limited third dimension (sometimes referred to 2.