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MAJOR GENERAL. A military officer, commanding a division or number of regiments; the next in rank below a lieutenant general.

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8220;I may not be a two-star general, but I'm looking forward to delivering these quilts to people like me that are going through some of the toughest days of their lives,” said Daughenbaugh.
Army, assigned as an aide to a two-star general in the Pentagon on the morning of Sept.
Chedister's boss then hired a retired Air Force two-star general who worked with him for the next two and a half months.
For five years, the two-star General and his trigger-happy boys sat in a secret command centre and used the banks of television screens and controls to kill at will, blindly and remotely targeting densely populated civilian areas.
Since Taguba had been the two-star general in command of the 2004 Abu Ghraib investigation, he was in a position to see all the suppressed photos.
The Army plan calls for a two-star general to head the new Contracting Command, with two one-stars as deputies.
I mean, there were no generals relieved for Abu Ghraib and yet they relieved a two-star general here.
The Air Force is investigating whether a two-star general violated regulations by endorsing a "Christian" candidate for Congress in an e-mail.
The corps and the division, both previously referred to as a UEx, will consist of a headquarters of about 800 Soldiers commanded by a three-star general and a headquarters of about 1,000 Soldiers commanded by a two-star general, respectively.
His high school football coach, the son of a two-star general, urged Colonel Weiss to join the Air Force.
Finally, I made the initial decision to approve or deny taxpayer money for erecting safety barriers, fabricating and mounting backyard-engineered armor on Humvees, providing a two-star general air conditioning, or if contracted personal security detachment (PSD) personnel should have a government-purchased printer and refrigerator in their office.
The two-star general then offered advice to the newly pinned one-star.