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Two-toed sloths, for one, have darker brown coats than the three-toed varieties, while maned three-toed sloths have darker brown heads and necks than other three-toed sloths.
And there is a host of unusual creatures such as the critically endangered species of lemurs known as the Alootran Gentle Lemur, and Linnes two-toed sloths, creatures which spend most of their day hanging around up-sidedown.
On this tiny island, just 15 square kilometres, there are nearly 400 types of birds and 100 species of animals, from howler monkeys to two-toed sloths.
It's hard to resist the longeared hedgehogs, to be found inside the brilliant bat house, while within the fabulous walled garden - an attraction in its own right with a colourful abundance of glorious exotic plants - you'll find the tropical house with a pair of Linne's two-toed sloths, inevitably, living up to their name, they were asleep
Instead, she will be rubbing shoulders with marmosets, iguanas and two-toed sloths who will roam free in the trees set in the tropical house.