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1, we will transition from the NWU Type I to the NWU Type III as our primary shore working uniform.
Whole body multi-slice CT was performed and she was diagnosed with cerebral concussion, blunt thoracic trauma with left clavicle fracture, bilateral rib fractures, fracture and pulmonary contusion, a minimally displaced Anderson type III odontoid fracture and C7 spinal process fracture, AO type B1 right distal radius fracture, left hip dislocation fracture (Pipkin type II), and left Weber/Danis type C ankle fracture (ISS: 29).
questioned whether the SCCmec type III isolates were correctly typed (1).
Type III Portland cement apparently produced a higher hydration rate than type I for the different fibers and additive types.
Compliance costs of Type I and Type II supporting organizations will likely be lower than with a Type III organization.
Department of the Treasury will issue regulations requiring a Type III SO to make a certain level of distributions each year to its supported organization.
0 or a Dimeglio type III rating are very likely to need tenotomies.
Two of the three type III drainages were not visible on endoscopy because of polyps in the ethmoid (table 4).
Becoming a Type II civilization will take many centuries, according to Kaku, and achieving galactic Type III status requires many millennia.
Because of the potential cost savings afforded by a Type III stilling basin, the design team recommended to the NRCS that a hydraulic model study be performed.

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