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3.1 Selection of Customer Characteristics Type Variable
High amplitude Delta Scuti type variables. Comm.Ast.
To relate a type variable's element type to a potential array type, say A[], a fresh type variable is created, and then [alpha] = [[alpha].sub.elt][] is added to the constraints.
Suppose R (a relation environment) is a function mapping each type variable into a pointed (i.e., ([perpendicular to], [perpendicular to])-containing) binary relation between flat cpo's, such that
However, we should be clear that our tests to date indicate the most serious type of aggregation bias in practice today is the misspecification type that occurs when using a "% of stores" type variable in a multiplicative (geography) aggregate model.
Task type variable. A principle from psychology which is highly relevant to display presentation (tables and graphs) is that of encoding specificity.
The collision type variable was used for State B, the accident type variable was used for State C, and the accident diagram variable was used for State A to develop these tables.
Hydraulic Piston type variable volume pump that is quiet, rugged,
Van Graan continued to develop programmes that can be used to automate the Wilson-Devinney code light-curve fitting procedure of W UMa type variable stars from the ASAS database.
--The collection of type variables can be totally ordered such that for every agent, i, and type variable, t, all variables in [[Delta].sub.i](t) precede t.
2 M.T/HR on 8 m.m Pellets machine complete with Base frame ,Die holder Shaft.roller holder shaft, SS Feeder conditioner with hinged inspection door, 2 HP Dyno dry type variable speed motor- regulator and drive pully ,SS outlet spout with hinged inspection door and over load lead weight type flap, Pellet die fitted with PR assembly with set of scrapper- wearing ring-rear and front,Die cover, cutting knife and shear pin holder, viabratlon damper, temperature indicator and pressure gauge and safety guard and set of tools ( suitable for 60 /75 HP motor), but without electrical motor.
Type expressions: [Tau] ::= [Alpha] type variable | int[[Psi]] integer type | exn[[Psi]] exception type | [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] function type Type schemes: [Sigma] ::= [inverted A] [[Alpha].sub.i], [[Rho].sub.j], [[Delta].sub.k].