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Topics include the taxonomy, typical uses, and programming issues involving heterogeneous platforms; performance models and design of heterogeneous algorithms; implementation and software performance; applications; and future trends.
Typical uses include tool identification, tool breakage detection, presetting of unknown tools, tool dynamic length and diameter measurement, tool wear compensation, tool cutting edge profile integrity verification, and machine axis thermal drift compensation.
with headquarters near Mendocino, CA, san typical uses for redwood burl include inlay and marquetry.
To get an idea of what can be done with paper beyond the typical uses, turn to "Learning From Exhibitions: Pulp Function" (page 17).
Typical uses range from internet sales and specialty importers, to service companies and manufacturers.
Typical uses for the new dispersion system are for the dispersion of solids such as fumed silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gums, thickeners and pigments.
Typical uses include moving loads from one area to another, lifting loads to a convenient height for transferring them to and from work benches, or even as variable height workstations.
com), Talario has a section that lists typical uses by occupation.
Lumber yards, warehouses and supply dealers are typical uses in that particular zoning district.
Besides the typical uses we all have for income, a portion of our earnings should be put back into our business.
The typical uses for aircraft with that restriction are agriculture, fire-fighting and external load carrying operations.
Typical uses for the 8000 will be wire bonding for microelectronic packaging including most semiconductor-based interconnect applications.