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On a recent trip to Finland I experienced at first hand the extra safety the new Continental WinterContact TS 850 P SUV tyres offer.
New Delhi [India] August 09 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Revolutionising India's tyre market, the pioneer of radial technology, JK Tyre, and Industries Ltd announced the launch of TREEL sensors, a one of a kind technology-based tool geared towards smart monitoring and maintenance of tyres.
Nokian Tyres Oyj (HEL:TYRES) reported on Tuesday the receipt of an announcement from BlackRock Inc, on 29 July 2019, according to which BlackRock Inc's indirect holding in Nokian Tyres shares exceeded the level of 5% of the share capital in Nokian Tyres plc.
The ROP has urged motorists to be careful about tyre bursts.
According to Abu Dhabi Police, 17 out of a total 199 fatalities in 2018 were attributable to underinflated or damaged tyres.
Specifically, by purchasing any Bridgestore/Firestone tyre, between June 1st and 30th, you will receive a Bridgestone Promo Card as a gift with e1/410 of credit in Petrolina automotive fuels for every e1/4100 you spend on the tyres.
'Pakistan does not charge any duty on the import of tyres from China, so there should be no smuggling of Chinese radial tyres of trucks and buses, but this is not the case.
LAHORE -- Panther Tyres Ltd has introduced country's first Earth Mover Tyres Marshal and Alpha.
The evolving technology which is set to changing the future scenario of tyres, increasing mergers and acquisitions with a view to expand the retail network, the increasing use of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) thus increasing the awareness of tyres and its functionality among consumers, strategic collaborations taking place between tyre manufacturers with famous non-tyre entities to promote brand value and better positioning of their tyres, increasing use of digital platform with which several consumers are able to buy through e-commerce, trend of switching to green tyres as an environment friendly option and decrease in the selling price of small tyres.
DRIVERS are risking their safety by choosing used tyres because they believe they are better value than new ones.
The products of the TATNEFT Companys tyre complex KAMA TYRES of are presented at the Vth International Automotive Forum exhibition Prospects and innovation introduction trends in the automotive industry" of Tatarstan.
GTR, which was established in Pakistan in 1963 and is presently facilitating 20pc of the demand of tyres in the country, would be setting up the new unit in Punjab as part of its expansion plan.