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companies, while more than 4 million Americans work for U.
Second, the data can be sufficiently disaggregated to see that consistently more than 80 percent of sales of U.
multinational corporation, unless the multinational owns a foreign financing subsidiary that borrows money and makes loans to U.
First, it provides that if the United States reassesses a U.
Net payments of direct investment income to foreign parents (sales by their U.
parents from sales by their foreign affiliates were larger than payments of income to foreign parents from sales by their U.
affiliates, foreign multinational companies also play a major role: majority-owned U.
NM:ARVX) announced today it has brought to a conclusion patent infringement litigation against several Korean manufacturers and their U.
parent companies and their foreign affiliates and (2) a survey of the operations of U.
of California Friday announced that a patent infringement lawsuit has been filed against four Taiwanese companies and their U.
Net payments of direct investment income to foreign parents defined as sales by their U.