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GALLON, measures. A gallon is a liquid measure, containing two hundred and thirty-one cubic inches, or four quarts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The cleaning system of the MCR-10000 is engineered with three first cut linear motion shakers which permit 900 U.S. Gallons (3,407 L) per minute of maximum cleaning capacity.
But right now, Iranians receive 60 liters (16 U.S. gallons) each month at a price of 1,000 rials per liter (37.5 cents per gallon).
A measured value can be shown as a level, distance (centimeter, meter, inch, foot), volume (liter, cubic meter, U.S. gallon, Imperial gallon) or open channel flow.
U.S. gallon Beer - $9.00 per barrel (31 gallons) Distilled Spirits - $1.00 per proof
He said the new price for all gasoline would be about 5,500 rials a liter or $2.08 a U.S. gallon.
The huge consumption jump to 91.1 liters per day suggests that Iranian drivers are not restrained in any way by gasoline that costs the equivalent of $1.55 per U.S. gallon.

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