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In 2002, following a number of legislative initiatives, the competences of CONI and UNIRE with respect to bets on sporting events were transferred to the independent authority for the administration of State monopolies, acting under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.
Any person who organises betting or pools in respect of sporting events run by CONI, or by organisations under the authority of CONI, or by UNIRE shall be liable to the same penalty.
However, it is known that the list of proposed Group and Listed races that UNIRE submitted to the Pattern Race Committee in December included mostly 20 per cent cuts in prize-money.
UNIRE used to publish both a fixture list and a list of big-race dates.
UniRes and UniTrex will automate Morrison Knudson's travel management and move the company from paper-based expense reporting to a paperless environment.
One of the top travel management companies in the United States, First Travelcorp will offer the UniRes solution to its roster of corporate clients.