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He joined UOP as a development engineer and retired in 2006 as a UOP Fellow, the highest technical position at Honeywell UOP.
Honeywell UOP is a leading licensor of process technology for the production of aromatics.
Rebecca Liebert, CEO of Honeywell UOP, meanwhile, said: "Honeywell UOP has worked with JPRC since it was established in 1956, beginning with design services and technology licensing, and the subsequent construction of its first refinery.
Liebert succeeds Rajeev Gautam, who had led Honeywell UOP since 2009, and who now serves as president and CEO of the Performance Materials and Technologies division of Honeywell.
Additionally, UOP has also announced that its new process technology designed to help refiners get more high-value product from each barrel of crude oil has been selected by National Refinery Limited (NRL) to maximise diesel and lubricant production in Pakistan.
Dr Sahel Abduljauwad, vice rector of applied research for KFUPM, observed: "The agreement symbolises continued cooperation between KFUPM and UOP to strengthen the university's capabilities in catalyst and catalytic process development.
UOP said the new unit, called Renewable Energy and Chemicals, is designed to accelerate its existing efforts to develop renewable energy technologies "by developing profitable ways refineries can use UOP's petroleum processing technologies" to convert bio-feedstocks, such as vegetable oils, greases and certain waste products, into fuel and chemicals.
According to UOP, the alliance will look to provide customers a broad portfolio of process and catalyst offerings for middle distillate hydrotreating, vacuum gas oil hydrotreating, mild hydrocracking, hydrocracking, and fixed-bed residue hydrotreating.
Prospective UOP faculty observe current online courses in their specific subject areas, so that they can see how the material in their particular disciplines is applied in the Internet classroom.
UOP LLC, a Honeywell (NYSE: HON) company, and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) announced today that Rafinerija Nafte Brod, Bosnia and Herzegovina's sole oil refinery, has selected UOP and EMRE technology to improve the quality of refined lubricants and fuels.
Director General PSQCA Dr Khalid Sadeeq praised education and research services of UOP and termed the agreement a leap way forward for enhancement of mutual cooperation in diversified fields.
As part of the scholarship program, the four students Nada Mohamed Bahaa El Din Zaghloul, Ahmed Hesham Yousry, Alaa Ashraf and Hossam Mohamed each were awarded US$1,000 by Honeywell UOP.