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The solution to this apparent disparity came from asking the right question: What is the correct UOS in this setting?
Additional ambiguity is caused by different hypotheses for the UOS that deliver opposing predictions about the traits that have evolved (Sober and Wilson, 1994; Wilson and Sober, 1994).
The rest of the capacity will serve as the headquarters for UOS Rail, and will accommodate all engineering, assembly, customization, service and refurbishment of their light, medium and heavy-duty hi-rail equipment.
UOS owns the largest fleet of US flag dry bulk vessels within the US Jones Act coastwise trade.
With Avantis' point and click ease-of-use, UOS staff will be able to manage preventive and scheduled work, including environmental compliance programs, as well as initiate work and parts orders, provide status reports and inform the system of tasks completed without endless, inefficient paper trails.
The UOS team was one of the underdogs in this week-long competition.
Contact point(s): IMM CNR UOS di Lecce Via per Monteroni
Unbeaten in the group stages, the men from the Philippines were simply the better equipped side against the amateur UOS team.
Contact point(s): UOS Manutenzione Apparecchiature Elettromedicali
Up against it following some effective man-to-man marking, Al Shabab had to rely on a late scoring spree from Chauncey to come away 99-85 winners against Kuwait's top side Al Sahel after Hoops had pressed the accelerator late to fight their way to an 88-83 win over UOS.