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The solution to this apparent disparity came from asking the right question: What is the correct UOS in this setting?
At least six of the UOS players are on full scholarships from the university.
ISH plans to operate UOS as a separate subsidiary while retaining its current management team.
Up against it following some effective man-to-man marking, Al Shabab had to rely on a late scoring spree from Chauncey to come away 99-85 winners against Kuwait's top side Al Sahel after Hoops had pressed the accelerator late to fight their way to an 88-83 win over UOS.
The selection of Avantis is part of a continuing program of service improvements to the University's schools and departments by UOS.
While, addressing on the occasion,Vice Chancellor UOS Prof.
He toured various sections of the library and was briefed, by Qasim Al-Khalidi, Director of Libraries at UOS, on the system of borrowing and returning books and the mechanism of communication between the library and the patrons of the students as well as faculty members.