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According to SKES, SSA and EEW, the Estonian words urg : uru 'burrow, lair', urgas : urka 'den, lair, hole', urge : urke 'sinus', urk : urga 'hole in the ice', urk : urgi 'the line drawn on the field to divide harvest land', urg : ura 'stream', org : oru 'valley' and Finnish urkama 'cavity, pit, river bed', and orko 'hollow, dingle' are etymologically connected (SKES: orko, ura, urakka; SSA 2: orko; SSA 3: urkama; EEW: org, urg).
These are the "urgi," "same day," and "emergi" centers that seem to be springing up everywhere.
President Clinton's trip to Northern Ireland, including a planned speech to the newly elected parliament and meeting with victims of communal violence, was meant to celebrate the province's historic peace accord negotiated under his administration's urgi ng and guidance.
la gente se esta matando en Chiapas, por lo que urgi a hacer las leyes adecuadas".