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Furse, "A comparative study on two types of transparent patch antennas," 2011 XXXth URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, 1-4, 2011.
ursi in bears have been reported less frequently in North America (3).
Rostelecom itself will pay $288 mln for a 22% stake, while Northwest Telecom (SPTL - Hold) and Uralsvyazinform (URSI - Hold), which are poised to be merged into Rostelecom this year may pay $337 mln for 25% stakes each.
La angulacion coronaria es uno de estos seis parametros, el cual tiene gran importancia tanto en la estetica, como en la oclusion y el logro de una estabilidad adecuada del tratamiento, ya que de acuerdo con Ursi una apropiada inclinacion axial del diente es necesaria para la correcta distribucion de las fuerzas oclusales a las cuales esta sometido; (3) si esto no se cumple (Okeson), el desbalance de las fuerzas transmitidas al hueso alveolar originara una falta de estabilidad del sistema y se constituira en un factor contribuyente a la recidiva.
The herb uva ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is used in many herbal blends for bladder infections because of its antibacterial properties.
A TRY flushing out the kidneys with cranberry juice or take 20 drops of herbal remedy uva ursi complex twice daily before meals for six weeks.
Este formato esta recomendado por la Commission G de la International Union of Radio Science, URSI y actualmente es usado por la mayoria de las ionosondas.
On their European tour, the 73-year-old Archbishop of Naples Cardinal Corrado Ursi launched a scathing attack on the Stones by stating the band was "the bearer of violence and drugs".
Two other supplements are sometimes claimed to prevent UTIs: vitamin C and bearberry (uva ursi).
Herbal remedies include elderflower and yarrow for their anti-inflammatory properties; prickly ash bark to improve circulation and ease pain; clivers, also known as cleavers or goosegrass, to stimulate lymph, and burdock root and uva ursi to get rid of toxins and support the kidneys.
Dietary supplements and herbal remedies: Traditional supplements as well as New Age remedies, from acerola and bilberry to uva ursi. Some of the department's most popular supplements include St.
Gallowshieldrigg Uaysher and Ursi sold for 2,000gns each.