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So why do so many businesses still allow their staff to use unencrypted USB drives to transport vital company information?
I've been in the homes of a few of my clients, and a lot of them put their USB drives in display cases," said Conde, 32.
Q Did you then take the USB drive loaded with the all the St.
Other hacks have been built on top of USB Dumper, such as USB Hacksaw, which takes the data pulled surreptitiously from a USB drive and quietly sends it out through a secure e-mail connection that it creates itself.
The device works by inserting the USB drive into any computer's USB port to download the information stored on the drive.
Allowing a USB drive to automatically run programs can cause a problem, allowing users to collect passwords and other confidential data from machines or to load other malicious code without your knowledge.
No traces are retained on the computer if the program is activated from the USB drive.
The USB drive has a specially designed cap with a latch that helps prevent it from accidentally falling off.
And although we don't necessarily agree, the Iomega Mini USB drive gives us yet another reason to reconsider.
The Spressa USB drive supports quadspeed (4x) recording of CD-R media, double-speed (2x) CD-RW media, and a CD-ROM maximum reading performance of 6x.
SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, today announced SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.
A USB drive known by various names such as DiskOnKey thumb drives jump drives pen drives key drives tokens or simply USB drives are small and light weight gadgets slightly fatter than your car key.