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Because it also behaves as a normal, boring, USB stick you can also plug it into a Mac or PC and use the device as a normal, boring, USB stick.
The court heard that in September last year, Lester's partner Tania Hanblin - the couple have since separated - came across suspicious files in a USB stick belonging to Lester, who was employed at the Home Office in a disclosure and barring service role in Merseyside.
Although a recall notice was issued, owners were sent a USB stick that allowed them to apply an update themselves without the need to take the vehicles back to a dealer.
He sent her images of serious sexual abuse of children, which police found on laptops and on a USB stick when they raided her home.
Mr Tejas Sheth, Director at Asia Powercom, said, "PowerTV 303 USB stick brings the immense TV viewing experience in your Notebook/TV in affordable price.
A Cypriot scientist, Professor Christofer Toumazou, is among the finalists of this year's European Inventor Award which will be announced on Tuesday for his tiny fast DNA testing tool on a USB stick.
17 ( ANI ): An anti-terror expert has reportedly observed that the ill-fated Malaysia Airline passenger jet could have been hijacked using a mobile phone or a USB stick.
A computer with the fake introduction letter to the Dutch firm on it and a USB stick with other details were then recovered from Akbar Ali's bedroom.
reel-to-reel, 8-track, MP3 player, USB stick, SD card etc.
Li-ion battery operation enables approximately 100 donations, and donation data can be transferred via USB stick.
Microsoft however claims that for the optimal gaming experience, gamers go in for the hard drive option rather than the USB stick.