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Whether future utopists will see the fall of Soviet Communism as the border between eras in human history and the utopian saga only time will tell.
In their own field of study, utopists have also been faced with the question of "where" utopia is located.
I]t's paradise, an earthly paradise, and there can be no other on earth,' Shigalov pronounced authoritatively" (17)--speaking in the true voice of authoritarian utopists down through the ages.
Even in the eighteenth century, the period of greater faith in science as the ultimate source of enlightenment, utopists like Dom Deschamps still projected ideal states of blissfully ignorant men and women.
He contends that the basic flaw of Utopists is "taking it for granted that under fair conditions people would be sensible" (126).
Many other utopists and utopian works deserve the attention of the contributors, from Plato to our days (with special consideration for Brazilian writers and works), giving an idea of the wide range of interests of the contributors to the volume, on the one hand, and the refusal, on the part of the majority of them, to subscribe to a restrictive (literary) definition of utopia, on the other.
This current special issue of Utopian Studies reflects a growing interest among utopists in a range of aspects of the relationship between music and utopia.
Developing this as an integrated aspect of the study of music and utopia is difficult, as the skills of musicologists and utopists rarely overlap.