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ULLAGE, com. law. When a cask is gauged, what it wants of being full is called ullage.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It was an ullage explosion caused by enemy fire that took down the C130k aircraft in 2005.
Had the aircraft's wing tanks been fitted with ESF (explosion-suppressant foam), which stops ullage explosions, the men may well be alive today, the inquest was told.
From time to time, the ullage (headspace in the barrel) that is produced by this evaporation must be displaced by topping the barrel up with some wine from the same lot.
In one example, Texas A&M University used the company's Energy Chain aboard NASA's Reduced Gravity aircraft the Weightless Wonder--to test the effects of acceleration on spatial orientation of liquid and ullage (gas/vapor) in a scale model propellant tank.
By reducing the ullage in the packs through the new size, they appear to be more filled than did the former packages.
but in other words or phrases, like tHE ADvent, flaSK ULLage,
This detects ullage that might freeze within the keg during cold winter, and reroutes kegs containing frozen beer for further processing.
Our Country's Peril and Our Duty, A Sermon Preached in the Presbyterian Church, Amsterdam Ullage, April 28th 1861 (New York, 1861), 1.
In addition, the level of the wine-the ullage, taken as an indicator of provenance-is recorded for some wines.
'Once that hatch cover gave way, water would enter the No 1 hatch, very rapidly filling the large ullage space above the cargo and thereby causing the vessel to go still further down by the bow.'
Julie Sawyer, for Lever Brothers Ltd, said: "We leave a space at the top, which we call the ullage, so we are able to offer 10 per cent more powder as a special offer without having to change the packaging.
The critical limitation of most prior TRM work has been the necessity of precisely calculating ullage, or the thermal expansion of the silicone rubber in order to provide the desired pressure.