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At times there seems to be a message of the futility of religion and how it is the ultimate cause of what "evil" unfolds; but there are some moments that suggest the power of religion to "save." I think the film serves as a great opportunity to allow the viewer to decide.
The ultimate cause of ethical cycle of categories is a reflection over ecological crisis itself.
The ultimate cause of this situation, however, is Trump himself.
Slaughter wrote in her column, "the ultimate incubators of human talent are the families." Let me add, the ultimate cause of happiness for many Filipinos is an intact and united family whose members are able to maximize the time they spend with one another.
Heroine and cocaine were in Chris's blood, which may have contributed to his fatally enlarged heart, the ultimate cause of his death.
Isakov named "immense negligence" as an ultimate cause of the breakdown, and said it cannot be forgiven.
Hopefully, our decisions this week will serve this ultimate cause."
'The ultimate cause of death will be examined in light of post-mortem report.
If as in the now universal Judaeo-Christo-Muslim super-religion God is the creator, then God is the ultimate cause.In that very same case, your own human father and mother are nothing but prostrate instruments of the deity in his teleological and miraculous ability to bring things, including embryos, into living existence.
The ultimate cause will be chosen based on audience votes.
He's basically not the proximate nor the ultimate cause why P6.4-billion worth of shabu entered the Philippines,' Gutoc said in an interview with Inquirer.
"Higher taxation," more than all the other variables, may be the ultimate cause of the Western European states' successful conquest of the rest of the world in Hoffman's narrative, especially given the critical role played by the "variable cost of mobilizing military resources" not just in the paradigmatic case of India, but in a number of the other Eurasian cases such as the Ottoman Empire.

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