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conducted numerical and experimental investigations of the dislocation contribution to the generation of second harmonic ultrasonic waves in a pure aluminum single crystal [19].
This attributed As we explained that adding PEG reduced the viscosity of the solution this means that there were more flexibility for these polymer chains in solution as a result of adding PEG molecules, and because ultrasonic waves propagate as compression and rarefaction in a medium so there are variation in density medium and there were more attenuation to energy of ultrasound waves when adding PEG.
The experimental system is constructed by the ultrasonic pulse-receiver, ultrasonic wave transducer, digital oscilloscope, personal computer, detected specimen, and temperature control box.
In this research, ultrasonic wave was used to enhance decontamination of soil.
Modelling of the ultrasonic wave propagation was performed for two materials--titanium and steel.
Thus straight chain homologue is functioning strongly as far as ultrasonic wave propagation is concerned.
where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are, respectively, the lo cal magnetic fields, corresponding to longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves, depending on space coordinate [?
5] also reported that ultrasonic waves could improve the removal of copper oxide from soil.
A schematic illustration of observations on the residual strain of the lens, which was molded with the application of 20 s of ultrasonic wave that had an off and on ratio of 0.
The high energy ultrasonic waves propagate on the surface with the help of T/R (transmitter/Receiver) probe.
One technical method that can lead to modification of the material mechanical properties, implicit to the modification of the fatigue crack propagation speed, consist in axial solicitation of the material until a certain level followed with treatment with ultrasonic waves.
They hope their work will mean that soil from chemically contaminated sites can be cleaned and rehabilitated by use of powerful ultrasonic waves in purpose-built treatment plants.

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