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where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are, respectively, the lo cal magnetic fields, corresponding to longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves, depending on space coordinate [?
Ultrasonic waves are partly reflected and partly transmitted at interfaces (Figure 3).
In this respect, we may express the vector displacement of a longitudinal ultrasonic wave [u.
A schematic illustration of observations on the residual strain of the lens, which was molded with the application of 20 s of ultrasonic wave that had an off and on ratio of 0.
6 Mhz ultrasonic wave that penetrates gums to break up bacteria below the gum line.
This study investigated whether ultrasonic wave velocity can be used as a measure of the moisture content (MC) in frozen and unfrozen spruce lumber.
Researchers calculate the position data from the time of flight of the ultrasonic wave.
It works by emitting an ultrasonic wave, which penetrates below the gum line to destroy bacteria.
The surgery involves a tiny, self-sealing incision in the eyeball, through which a tiny instrument creates an ultrasonic wave that breaks up the defective lens (the cataract) and vacuums it out.
When an ultrasonic wave encounters a discontinuity, i.
Different from the conventional sorting methods using ultrasonic wave, charge and high pressure, which bring physical damage to cells, PERFLOW Sort adopts high-performed microflow control and fixed optical fiber alignment to monitor flow speed of target cells precisely, as guarantees living cells to be sorted with less physical damage.
The nanocomposite was used in an ultrasonic wave radiating reactor to eliminate and decompose the organic pollutant through sonocatalytic methods.

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