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UNANIMITY. The agreement of all the persons concerned in a thing in design and opinion.
     2. Generally a simple majority (q.v.) of any number of persons is sufficient to do such acts as the whole number can do; for example, a majority of the legislature can pass a law: but there are some cases in which unanimity is required; for example, a traverse jury, composed of twelve individuals, cannot decide an issue submitted to them, unless they are unanimous.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Fateh Muhammad Burfat also accorded full-scale consideration and thread-bare discussion to all agenda items pertaining to the academic, administrative, research, publication and financial aspects of the centre and resolved important matters in unanimity.
In this age of polarization, the unanimity of this take is all the more remarkable, as it is shared by the Trump administration, Middle Eastern analysts, as well as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and even the Israeli government.
During a question hour, the minister said that the purpose of the central Ruet committee was to celebrate religious festivals with unanimity in the country.
The disharmony in the EU's decision-making processes have prompted some to call for the unanimity rule to be binned.
To a question, he said Pakistan and China have complete unanimity on China- Pakistan Economic Corridor projects.
The house finalized the proceedings of the program in unanimity after detailed deliberations.
There unanimity approach to enter with But instead the top-flight clubs will have to wait a little longer for the financial boost which will earn them around PS18m each in exchange for CVC becoming the PRL's partners.
The Acting President is a decent man, he does not tussle for power, there is unanimity on that decision.'
Zakat, Usher and Religious Affairs Secretary Riaz Soomro told the cabinet about the legislation on Ruet-e-Hilal and said that in order to maintain unanimity on all religious occasions nationwide and regulate Ruet-e-Hilal arrangements, the federal government has prepared a draft law.
He said: "In order to pause it, well, not pause it, in order to extend it by a year, let alone pause it - I'm not sure you can pause it - even to extend it by a year takes unanimity of all the other 27.
Majid al Ansari, professor of Political Sociology at Qatar University (QU), said, "The GCC statute stipulates that the substantive decisions can be taken only through unanimity and since the freezing of Qatar's GCC membership would come under a substantive decision, it cannot be done without unanimity." Prof Ansari pointed out that Kuwait and Oman have refused to back the blockade right since the beginning.