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Most cases available in the United States involve inbound situations in which the lawyer is from outside the state in which the unauthorized practice of law rule is applied.
For example, some states when conducting unauthorized practice of law analysis focus on the degree of legal skill and knowledge required for the activity in question.
Ciolino, Is LegalZoom Engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Louisianaf, La.
If it were determined that the actions of staff attorneys constituted the actions of the corporation, this would constitute an unauthorized practice of law in that it violates the requirements of the Act and sections of the Code restricting the unauthorized practice of law by corporations not set up expressly for the purpose of offering legal services.
She also proposes that unauthorized practice of law prohibitions be "more narrowly tailored to further the public's rather than the profession's interest.
However, with the expansion of services, the potential for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law increases.
To state a cause of action for damages under any legal theory that arises from the unauthorized practice of law, we hold that the pleading must state that this court has ruled that the specified conduct at issue constitutes the unauthorized practice of law .
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that non-attorneys who represent companies in workers' compensation hearings are not engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.
Former Bar legislative counsel and unauthorized practice of law director, Richard McFarlain, who worked closely with Faulkner, said, "He was truly responsible for bringing the disciplinary system up to date.
He is charged with nine counts of grand theft, two counts of elder fiduciary abuse and one count each of preparing false evidence for court and unauthorized practice of law.