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Ayankeye attributed the security challenges rocking the nation to failure of the church to reach out to unbelievers and speak truth to power.
He also warns the graduates to hold onto the fundamental principles of God, which include, among other things, love, care, and be their brother's keepers, noting that the graduates have an obligation to win more souls for the Lord by ensuring that unbelievers are brought to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Jude Thaddaeus is also quoted in the Bible in John 14:22, asking Jesus why he won't manifest himself to unbelievers after the resurrection.
755: English missionary Boniface and 53 companions were murdered in Germany by unbelievers. 1916: Lord Kitchener, British general and conqueror of the Sudan, was lost at sea when his ship HMS Hampshire struck a mine off Orkney, en route to Russia.
Let us go on first to discuss why Unbelievers believe in judging people, in other words, what exactly did Christ mean when he said that in the Gospel of St.
And as you are witnessing today, many unbelievers are refusing to accept the Trump presidency and are trusting no one but themselves as they work hard to force Trump out of office by any means necessary.
(6) They did so by being the first to label fellow Muslims as unbelievers.
In the Qur'an, it is mentioned that the unbelievers are the people who does not recognise and appreciate the signs of Allah.
A MAJOR terror alert was sparked in the Highlands when an ex-soldier and recent Islam convert threatened to kill "unbelievers".
Even on social media, pro-Maute individuals - some of whom used aliases - said the 'mujahideens' (holy warriors) were fighting for Islam and those who were not supportive of them were either 'kuffar' (unbelievers), or murtad.
Summary: Kabul [Afghanistan], June 25 (ANI): The Islamic State has declared war on Taliban militants in Afghanistan as it called the latter "hypocrites and stooges of the unbelievers".
The Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign is a year-long series of messages preached by evangelist and bestselling author, Daniel Whyte III, aimed at sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with those who are unbelievers. It also seeks to remind Christians to keep the main thing the main thing throughout the 2016 election year, and this is reaching unbelievers with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and praying for their salvation.