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Had not the Second London Confession of Particular Baptists, 1677, made clear that God was the author of salvation and would bring regeneration to "all other elect persons," even those "who are uncapable of being outwardly called by the Ministry of the Word"?
unfit, or uncapable to be brought into well-bred Company, and polite Conversation'.
uncapable of man though for her delight she tried many" (a riposte to Edmund Spenser's idealizing Venus-Virgo figure for
They were appointed to their posts by colonial authorities and the most uncapable in their tasks would cause many disturbances in social indigenous life in colonial times.
"Women are not such silly, giddy creatures, as many proud ignorant men would make them; as if they were uncapable of all improvement by Learning, and unable to digest Arts, that require any solidity of Judgment" (Makin 29).
His observations that 'Queen Elizabeth never saw her self after she became old in a true Glass', that her courtiers gave her false dice so that she would always win, and that 'she had a Membrana on her which made her uncapable of man, though for her delight she tried many', usher in a number of sneering remarks about 'great ones' (Herford and Simpson, 1:141-2, ll.