Unconditional contract

UNCONDITIONAL CONTRACT, contracts. One which does not depend upon any condition whatever. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 730.

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CWaC has not disclosed the name of the new tenant who have exchanged an unconditional contract but The Chronicle understands it to be H&M.
UNCONDITIONAL CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS: The project's entire output is purchased pursuant to the take-or-pay PSC with 86 municipally owned electric systems and one electric cooperative that obligate the purchasers to pay for their respective shares of all project costs.
Troutbrook Miami Development, a subsidiary of Freud Builders of NYC, has entered into an unconditional contract and has closed on two land parcels in, one in Wynwood and one in Allapattah-Jackson Memorial Health District.
In their statement, they said they were disappointed, pointing to the fact they had made the Lions prop two unconditional contract offers ahead of the more recent conditional one, which was based on a peace deal being struck between the WRU and the regions.
A statement released on behalf of the trading company Burscough FC Ltd read in part: "Burscough Football Club Limited has entered into an unconditional contract to sell its ground to a property developer for pounds 300,000 plus VAT.
Until there is an acceptable survey you, as seller, will have to wait for the purchaser to get back to you, you do not have a binding unconditional contract for the sale and you may have to market your property all over again not an ideal situation.
If the building is acquired on an unconditional contract before 1 April 2012, then it would be relatively straightforward to ascertain whether there are sufficient integral features on which capital allowances could be claimed.
A contract has been exchanged for the sale of a residential site in South Wales and an unconditional contract has been issued for the sale of a residential site in North Wales to a housing association.
Tax director Paul Edwards adds: "An individual needs to hold five per cent or more of the equity and tohave hadsuch a holding for at least 12months prior to entering into an unconditional contract to dispose of the shares.
A further complication arises pre-auction for the proposed seller under an unconditional contract.