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It does not do well for a runt to act too convinced that he's an undefeatable wild boar.
Political analysts term Mr Khoso's defection another major setback to the Arbab group and claim that it and awarding of a Senate ticket to Kirshna Lal Kolhi will render PPP almost undefeatable in PS-62 (Nagarparkar) during upcoming general election.
First, Tareens were being considered undefeatable by the political pundits.
The PTI chief added that the NA-154 defeat has ensured that his party will be undefeatable in the general elections.
Thus, paired with the fact that our population is on third and fourth generation antibiotics due to over-prescription, there is high antibiotic resistance and essentially a ticking time bomb of when a new and undefeatable outbreak of illness occurs.
Before the protests, you had this dominant narrative that Iran is unstoppable, Iran is undefeatable, Iran is as solid as a rock," he said.
After fighting all the battles alone, she made herself; unstoppable, unmatchable and undefeatable.
The size, precision and technology are undefeatable, for as long as it remains focused.
It also had to create a new enemy, other than the traditional undefeatable one represented by Iran, and here came Qatar as the new enemy.
When spiritual cronyism goes to strengthen business cronyism, they grow up as an undefeatable force.
Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti sacrificed his precious life, giving Baloch movement undefeatable strength, which is even after eleven years still continues towards ultimate destination.
The war has been in the public's conscience for years now, with on-the-ground media coverage beaming from our television screens on a daily basis as we hear of yet another American, British or allied soldier being killed fighting a seemingly undefeatable enemy in a country far from home.