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Retail sales capture only a portion of the total audience playing individual game titles, suggesting current in-game advertising deals, which are primarily tied to these sales figures, under-value the medium," Michael Dowling, CEO, Interpret, noted.
The England defender (left) was the subject of interest from former boss David Moyes throughout the transfer window, but the Red Devils only tabled a string of under-value bids and the Blues refused to even consider selling their prized asset.
In Attorney Lamb's experience, some of the most common instances of alleged solicitor negligence occur when firms fail to include claims for financial losses; miss important court deadlines; fail to file documentary evidence on time; misinterpret medical evidence; fail to obtain appropriate medical evidence to substantiate injuries or under-value the claim for damages.
Your mother is suggesting that she effectively transfers her property to you at an under-value price.
I think a lot of people under-value their experience and some may assume that they need to be fabulously wealthy to become a 'business angel'.
But while the Blues expect an pounds 11m 'take it or leave it' bid, the Stamford Bridge hierarchy will refuse to be railroaded into what they feel is a under-value deal.
I will not take on jobs that underpay and under-value my experience and fail to cover the enormous expense of a degree course.
We shall look at the valuations of the businesses sold to make sure there was no sale at an under-value.
If it goes the other way, and the final gap is eight points, the record books would cruelly deny Arsenal's contribution to that absorbing contest - and under-value United's achievement in wresting what Ferguson has hailed as the greatest of his eight titles.
com should be seen as a warning not to under-value well-established industries in the West Midlands, the Institute of Directors said yesterday.