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One might argue that Enlightenment values are potentially separate and distinct from capitalism--and that the Enlightenment belief in Reason and in Reason as a bulwark against passions and irrational emotions should be supported, even if the eighteenth century over-valued reason as much as we under-value it.
Which is not to under-value the contributions of Stephen Nutt, Greg McDonald and Oliver Thomas, the three who have shared the shirt.
If enacted, the new General Consent will enable authorities to dispose of their interest in land held under the terms of the Local Government Act 1972 in ways that they consider will contribute to the promotion or improvement of the economic, social, or environmental well-being of the area which they represent and for which are responsible, for less than the best consideration reasonably obtainable, providing the under-value does not exceed 2 million [pounds sterling].
Outsiders under-value the chain drug store's basic merchandise mix, its small store format, its low unit sales.
But he believes Britain should join as a nation-state, and remain one, and never under-value its links outside, with America and the Commonwealth, plus the United Nations.
In their study of the achievement of Latino language minority students, Lucas, Henze, and Donato (1990) found that these low expectations, along with a tendency to under-value the students' languages and cultures, can adversely affect student achievement.
Investors continually under-value complex companies with products and businesses "glommed" together.
In other words, the danger we face at the present is not that we under-value the importance of the home, but that our nostalgic hankering for a white picket fence may well be masking an abandonment of our identity and obligations as citizens.
Even communities in which the resources of youth ostensibly are recognized may under-value the contributions of youth.
Retail sales capture only a portion of the total audience playing individual game titles, suggesting current in-game advertising deals, which are primarily tied to these sales figures, under-value the medium," Michael Dowling, CEO, Interpret, noted.