age of consent

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Age of Consent

The age at which a person may marry without parental approval. The age at which a female is legally capable of agreeing to sexual intercourse, so that a male who engages in sex with her cannot be prosecuted for Statutory Rape.

A person below the age of consent is sometimes called an infant or minor.

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age of consent

n. (See: legal age, majority)

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age of consent

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Situation following decriminalisation of consensual underage sex by the Constitutional Court
[6] Accordingly, this placed an obligation on all service providers, including doctors, nurses and health researchers, to report consensual underage sex or sexual activity.
"Every year thousands of parents call the free and confidential Parentline, worried about underage sex and teen pregnancies.
And six years later Lilia was rocked by the news that Thomsen, 32, had been convicted of underage sex in Denmark
THIS is the moment when Coronation Street's fiery-tempered Tommy Nelson knocks out his son Craig in a rage, thinking the teenager is having underage sex with his Goth girl friend Rosie Webster.
Also, British journalist Sally Feldman explains "Why I'm Glad My Daughter Had Underage Sex," no doubt shocking some of her country's conservative crusaders--and perhaps a few American Humanists in the bargain.
Prosecutors painted a picture of a male-dominated society in which underage sex was commonplace.
During the trials, prosecutors painted a picture of a male-dominated society in which underage sex was commonplace.
THE man accusing #MeToo actress Asia Argento of having underage sex with him has hit back at criticism over why he did not speak out earlier.
Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said: "This man is serially indulging in underage sex. He admitted in cross-examination that he lied to the police on a number of matters."
Instead, a recent report suggests that it is in fact counter-productive, with more underage sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and, of course, abortions to very young women with the resulting psychological problems that follow.