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Over 26 presidents have stayed there and during the Eisenhower era, a 112,000 square-foot underground bunker was created in the side of an on-site mountain as an evacuation retreat for the U.
At the height of the Cold War era, neutral Switzerland implemented one of the most secretive and controversial projects in the country's history: the construction of a huge underground bunker in the mountains near Berne that would shelter the entire government in the event of war or catastrophe.
IT TOOK YEARS OF PLEADING before writer Alex Heard finally convinced pod-owner Bob Hieronimus to let him have a look around his underground bunker.
By contrast, the smaller blind box lecture theatre on the south side resembles an underground bunker, with raw concrete walls, kaleidoscopic seating and a curious ovoid projection suite clad in strips of polished timber.
Romero, follows a group of scientists and military personnel living in an underground bunker while the world above them is over-run with zombies.
THE kidnapper who held a young boy hostage in a homemade underground bunker for almost a week had rigged it with explosives and reinforced it ready for a police raid.
Lee paid a visit to the underground bunker that serves as the South's crisis management center, his press office reported, the report said.
A POLICE stand-off with a 65-year-old man accused of holding a five-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker in Alabama has entered its fifth day.
Michele Zagaria was found in an underground bunker in Casapesenna, in his home town province of Caserta in southern Italy.
MILITARY personnel and scientists have been confined to an underground bunker while zombie masses continue to decimate America.
The Lle Celf, and old underground bunker was amazing and I support any suggestions to retain it as an arts and crafts gallery in Blaenau Gwent.
Every spoof is from the same scene in the film where a furious, defeated Hitler, played by Bruno Ganz, unleashes an impassioned, speech to his remaining staff, huddled with him in his underground bunker.

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