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He said: "Obviously our director of marketing is clearly not a great understander of football and how football works."
Press, 2009), 66, shows that Arguments "were designed to be disseminated before production and read during it, 'making,' as Jonson put it in one of his masques, 'the spectators understanders.'" While Arguments were most common for masques and court performances, they also occasionally appeared in public and private theaters (65, 70-72).
Swortzel also noted that the coursework helped to prepare preservice agricultural teachers for the following roles: (a) facilitator of learning, (b) understander of the learner, (c) program developer, (d) administrator, (e) professional educator, and (f) role model and mentor.
After both addressing young people (taught to glory their own becoming) and telling us how he would like to be remembered (as an understander, interpreter, and responder), he emphasized his closing methodological metaphor, touchstones of reality, as the key to interreligious dialogue.
In fact, a new level, pragmatics, required the understander actually to have a critical property of consciousness as the literal "meaning" of statements was often incorrect.
(...) quien entiende de un modo completo, compleat understander, puede pensar apropiadamente los fenomenos que tienen importancia en su sociedad, particularmente aquellos con los que no se ha encontrado previamente (14).
Ca'Foscari Venezia, Italy) analyzes the General Text and Reference Understander System (GETARUNS) and provides students and researchers with a comprehensive overview of the software architecture and applications.
As mentioned above, several applications of a computational model of humour are suggested in the literature, e.g.: a machine assisted joke generator or a humour understander that could be successfully used in language education (Mc Kay 2002, O'Mara et al., 2002).
They accept that the famous understander deserves to be understood, that the addition of new complexities does not invalidate the old, and that I would not, probably could not, have written about my father as I did if he had not been my first and most valued teacher.
certain subjective state in the understander. We have seen, however,