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n. a company or person which/who underwrites an insurance policy, issue of corporate securities, business, or project. (See: underwrite)

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UNDERWRITER, insurances. One who signs a policy of insurance, by which he becomes an insurer.
     2. By this act he places himself as to his responsibility, in the place of the insured. He may cause a re-insurance (q.v.) to be made for his benefit; and it is his duty to act with good faith, and, without quibbling, to pay all just demands against him for losses. Marsh. Ins. 45,

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Underwriter who is primarily responsible for implementing the steps in the underwriting process.
[H.sub.02] Choice of underwriter has no influence on underwriter discount
Similar to automated underwriting systems (AUS) or loan origination systems (LOS), Collateral Underwriter helps lenders make decisions concerning collateral but doesn't actually make those decisions itself.
Collateral Underwriter was announced by Fannie Mae in October 2014, and became available to lenders beginning January 26, 2015.
Underwriter as Innovator: Underwriters must be in tune with the pulse of the marketplace, both the insurance industry's and the industries of their customers.
The key to career longevity and success for underwriters is to recognize and adapt to technology changes, leverage new information and systems that are available, and position themselves for the future of the profession.
Local underwriters are vital to the success of small commercial customer service representatives and account managers, according to a survey by The Hanover Insurance Group and The Pert Group.
In fact, the mere existence of a human resources department or even a human resources manual doesn't really influence an employment practices liability underwriter.
Once the answers are obtained from the client, the brokerage underwriter will be able to make the carrier and classification recommendations.
Empire Underwriters, a national insurance wholesaler, excess and surplus lines facility and program manager has released a standalone workers comp program for staffing companies available nationwide and backed by several "A" rated carriers.
"Berkshire has a number of workers' compensation companies, and there was channel conflict between them," Jeffrey Silver, Applied Underwriters' general counsel, told the Wall Street Journal.