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n. a company or person which/who underwrites an insurance policy, issue of corporate securities, business, or project. (See: underwrite)

See: guarantor, insurer, surety

UNDERWRITER, insurances. One who signs a policy of insurance, by which he becomes an insurer.
     2. By this act he places himself as to his responsibility, in the place of the insured. He may cause a re-insurance (q.v.) to be made for his benefit; and it is his duty to act with good faith, and, without quibbling, to pay all just demands against him for losses. Marsh. Ins. 45,

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Finally, Abbey is to sell its 15 per cent stake in Norwich Union to CGUUL, the joint venture underwriting firm set up by Abbey and Commercial Union in 1995, for pounds 25.
The group is an underwriting firm, which is a type of City insurance.
So they approached a securities underwriting firm with the concept of spinning off the web site into a separate dot.
Bermuda-based underwriting firm Validus Holdings Ltd.
May 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NW Capital Markets and its affiliate NW Financial Group, a New Jersey based financial advisory and municipal bond underwriting firm, and Stern Brothers & Co.
Underwriting firm Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc has been appointed into the Oil and Energy Insurance Pool of the African insurance market.
This month, we spoke with Mike Fasano of the life expectancy underwriting firm Fasano Associates on two issues currently shaking the life settlement industry: the economy and upward trends in life expectancy tables.
the insurance underwriting firm founded by former AIG head Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, and a 44,000 s/f deal in March with software company, Matrix, for the entire 8th floor.
Walker, alongside fellow director Alan Watkins, had been taking quotationsgiven to them by an underwriting firm, altering them to a higher amount and pocketing the difference.
Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who worked for an underwriting firm prior to joining the President's cabinet, recused himself from the yield burning issue, the group met with Donald Lubick, the Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy at the Treasury.
Established in 1995, Capital West Securities is an Oklahoma-based full-service brokerage and municipal underwriting firm owned 100 percent by The Geary Companies.
The Authority is seeking the services of an underwriting firm in connection with the issuance and administration of bonds in connection with projects and financings that the Authority may undertake within the following year.