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n. a company or person which/who underwrites an insurance policy, issue of corporate securities, business, or project. (See: underwrite)

See: guarantor, insurer, surety

UNDERWRITER, insurances. One who signs a policy of insurance, by which he becomes an insurer.
     2. By this act he places himself as to his responsibility, in the place of the insured. He may cause a re-insurance (q.v.) to be made for his benefit; and it is his duty to act with good faith, and, without quibbling, to pay all just demands against him for losses. Marsh. Ins. 45,

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To be sure, a June study by Congress' General Accounting Office found that only one in 10 underwriting firms that brings IPOs to market sets aside any significant amount for individual investors.
Shortly after the IBM debacle, analysts at underwriting firms ceased to cover the company, adds Chief Financial Officer Carlos S.
This law will have major implications for accounting and underwriting firms and public companies, which typically are the first to be sued," said William Ezzell, chairman of the Accountants Coalition and partner of Deloitte Touche in Washington, D.
The 50-year-old legislation prevents financial institutions from operating both commercial banks and securities underwriting firms in the U.
Because of the large number of expected DSP participants, Vonage and the three underwriting firms agreed that an outside company would design and administer a Web site for DSP participants.
OneBeacon Insurance s underwriting firms deliver a range of specialty insurance products sold through independent agencies, regional and national brokers, wholesalers and managing general agencies.
TFS treasury issued the industry's first asset-backed green bond, established a funding platform for diversity and minority-owned underwriting firms as well as a direct floating-rate commercial paper program in response to the uncertain rate environment.
Mortgage Bankers and Loan Correspondents represent the highest percentage of defendants (32 percent) but defendants also include mortgage brokers, lenders, appraisers, title companies, homebuilders, servicers, issuers, underwriting firms, bond insurers, money managers, public accounting firms and company directors and officers, among others.
Request for Proposals: Responses from qualified underwriting firms with extensive experience in marketing and selling municipal bonds.
NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) closed its sale of $500 million of retail notes to a large number of investors in a transaction involving 21 underwriting firms.
Daniel Fischel of Lexecon, the world's foremost damages expert, trebling that number, plus pre-judgment interest, leads to an enormous financial exposure for the leading underwriting firms for allegedly manipulating over 800 IPOs in the 1999-2000 time period.