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n. a company or person which/who underwrites an insurance policy, issue of corporate securities, business, or project. (See: underwrite)

See: guarantor, insurer, surety

UNDERWRITER, insurances. One who signs a policy of insurance, by which he becomes an insurer.
     2. By this act he places himself as to his responsibility, in the place of the insured. He may cause a re-insurance (q.v.) to be made for his benefit; and it is his duty to act with good faith, and, without quibbling, to pay all just demands against him for losses. Marsh. Ins. 45,

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The SEC also found that the underwriting firms "failed to conduct adequate due diligence to identify the misstatements and omissions before offering and selling the bonds to their customers."
Finally, three business days before the scheduled sale date, the person in charge of competitive bidding at one of the major municipal bond underwriting firms made a public statement, which was published the following day in The Bond Buyer, announcing that the firm would not participate in Pittsburgh's sale and, furthermore, it would not support the issue in secondary market trading.
Affiliated directors from prestigious underwriting firms held four seats or 13% of the lead underwriting seats.
Tenders are invited for to perform analyses of the city~s current swaps and swaptions as well as proposed swaps received by the city from underwriting firms and other financial institutions during the term of the contract.
The Securities and Exchange Commission recently hit Edward Jones with a $20 million fine for overcharging investors for the bonds sold to them and in June charged 36 municipal underwriting firms for fraudulent offerings.
I calculate market share of the seasoned equity market over the period of the study, crediting underwriting firms created by the combination of existing firms with the volume of their predecessors.
Assist SAWS in the selection of financial underwriting firms including, but not limited to, the preparation and mailing of the request for proposal, in-depth evaluation of proposals submitted by financial underwriting firms and oral presentations by such firms (if any), selection of the financial underwriting pool and financial underwriting syndicates for specific transactions.
The underwriting firms also allegedly failed to conduct adequate due diligence to identify the misstatements and omissions before offering and selling the bonds to their customers.
The SEC filed actions under the initiative against a total of 72 municipal underwriting firms, comprising 96 percent of the market share for municipal underwritings, in June 2015, in September 2015, and in February 2016.
The City of Derby, Kansas (City) is soliciting STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATIONS from qualified underwriting firms in connection with the issuance of $23,996,484 in Sales Tax and Revenue Bonds (STAR Bonds) which will be issued pursuant to K.S.A.
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation ( MassDOT ) Office of the Chief Financial Officer requests responses from qualified underwriting firms interested in providing investment banking services to MassDOT.