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The undoubtable truth is that we need to find better strategies to manage the impacts of migration and promote integration.
In any case and despite the difficulties to define the scope of relationships among companies in spatial terms, it seems undoubtable that spatial and social proximity is essential to establish relationships and transmit implicit information and knowledge while at the same time give the products the symbolism and the idiosyncratic nature inherent to cultural creation linked to a given territory and society.
The association of the bicycle to the risk of personal accidents is undoubtable among non-users, and it matches the tendency observed in other works carried out in contexts where cycling is a minority practice (Fishman et al.
While it is undoubtable that some teams, such as the Newark Eagles owned by Abe and Effa Manly and Gus Greenlee's Pittsburgh Crawfords, served as fronts for laundering money, these owners also claimed to have had a genuine desire to keep their teams afloat and to continue to serve as a community focal point.
It's undoubtable that the decline in oil prices has had a significant impact across most sectors in Qatar and banks have of course been affected.
Firearms training--not plinking or target shooting without a plan--will yield some undoubtable and very visible rewards.
Schools in the green category may still need support in certain areas, while there is undoubtable excellent teaching and learning taking place within aspects of those schools placed in yellow, amber and red.
Though little has changed about it after all these decades, it has undoubtable changed Mercedes-Benz itself.
When Pete Wilkinson first heard him, he was blown away by this young guys undoubtable talent.
He has a great future ahead of him and will undoubtable learn a huge amount from playing with such an experienced and skilful spinner in Jeetan Patel.
There is an undoubtable practical limit to the number of different minorities and schools that can be accommodated with a single program.