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6) Swingen's Competing Visions of Empire seeks to bridge this gap by integrating English imperial history with the history of African slavery to illuminate how unfree labour in general, and Black racial slavery in particular, was from the outset central to England's imperial expansion in the Atlantic world.
Unfree Labour, Neo-liberal Globalization and the International Labour Organization>>, Journal of Agrarian Change, 7, 4:425-452.
In the case of migration, Amrith follows the thread of pre-colonial movements of unfree labour (slaves) and enterprising merchants into the late colonial and contemporary eras.
This article uses the important contribution of Jairus Banaji (1977, 2010) on the origins of capitalism and free and unfree labour, in order to illuminate these questions.
Note, for example, the absence of Australian perspective in some of the key accounts of the global history of unfree labour and forced migration, such as: L.
And, yes, there are many variations of unfree labour and the inability to voluntarily withdraw it, as a recent report by Christian Aid illustrates with its examples of indebted farmers in India selling 'themselves into bonded labour to pay off their debts'
Although it is perhaps too convenient to criticise Cohen for taking a European example to illustrate his points -- serfdom in Russia and Poland -- rather than the example of slavery, the persistence of unfree labour until today is a reality that must be pointed out.
Both Athens and Rome may be classified as large-scale slave systems, that is, as societies whose social structure was decisively dependent on the institution of slavery, in that unfree labour provided a large share of the surplus by the control of which the position of the ruling classes was in part sustained, and in that a considerable percentage of the population was made up of slaves.
This robustness derives in part from linkages with different strands of political economic thought, including feminist political economy, out of which important work on precarious employment, unfree labour, social reproduction, and migration emerged.
Until the mid-1940s, the colonial administration frequently employed forced and unfree labour in the construction and maintenance of colonial infrastructure (Cooper 1996; Fall 1993).
Yet unfree labour was as a ghost of capital's past, peculiar to the birth pangs of the capitalist mode of production, what Marx called--adapting from earlier classical political economists--"primitive accumulation.