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To assume control or management of a corporation without necessarily obtaining actual title to it.

A takeover bid or tender offer is a proposal made by one company to purchase shares of stock of another company, in order to acquire control thereof.


Mergers and Acquisitions.


noun acquirement of a corporation, acquisition of a company, appropriation, assumption of control over management, assumption of ownership, obtainment, procurement, procurement of a business, purchase: acquirement, assumption, attainment, possession, procuration, securement
Associated concepts: corporate raider, corporate takeover, friendly takeover, hostile takeover, tender offer, white knight


verb arrogate, assume, command, seize, take command, take charge, take possession, usurp
See also: condemnation
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Whether the merger or sale of stock was part of a strategy to prevent an unfriendly takeover was not a consideration in determining tax deductibility.
Oracle has reportedly offered to settle a case, in which Oracle is being sued by the US state for an unfriendly takeover bid for PeopleSoft, for USD7.
34 (1992), at first glance, appeared to involve an unfriendly takeover that would allow clarification on the applicability of INDOPCO.
After fighting legal and public relations battles for more than two months against an unfriendly takeover bid by Grand Metropolitan P.
It provides the Bank greater flexibility in protecting against unfriendly takeover, and enables the Bank to raise additional capital through the issuance of Trust Preferred Securities to finance the expansion of its core banking activities.
Announcing the three-company agreement at a press conference, Nippon Steel Executive Vice President Nobuyoshi Fujiwara said the accord will mark ''a great step forward'' toward defense against unfriendly takeover attempts.
He rescued that chain from an unfriendly takeover by another chain drug executive and then set Peoples on a path toward the front ranks of the country's drug chains.
Meanwhile, Marconi's balance sheet remains extremely weak and its recent decline in market capitalization has left the company open to unfriendly takeover bids.
in June as a step to defend itself from an unfriendly takeover.
At that point, Eckerd chairman and chief executive officer Stew Turley, concerned that the drug chain he headed was about to fall victim to an unfriendly takeover, approached Oesterreicher about the possibility of Penney heading off that takeover by buying Eckerd instead.
Nasdaq:PTEC) -- the global leader in system-enabling software solutions for PCs and connected devices -- today announced that its Board of Directors has renewed its Stockholder Rights Plan to protect the Company's stockholders by preserving for them the long-term value of the Company in the event of an unfriendly takeover.