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Abu Dhabi: Most university students who smoke dokha agree that it's an unhealthy habit, but consider themselves to be healthy, according to student-led research into the trend.
In January, the Prime Minister declared he quit smoking in order to be a good role model, after he imposed a ban on the unhealthy habit in all government buildings.
Unhealthy habit of spending more than income has transformed US from largest lender nation to the biggest debtor.
Unhealthy habits: Whether you smoke, eat or drink too much, or gossip, any unhealthy habit can get in the way of allowing us to become all that God intends.
He described Friday's incident as "part of the sick side of an unhealthy habit that is supposed to entertain thousands of Cypriots".
He said the charitable society decided to hold the campaign in cooperation with Arab Volunteering World to create awareness among the public on the danger of smoking in order to help them quit the unhealthy habit during the fasting month of Ramadan.
It is then down to the skills of the experts to treat it and for the patient to abandon the unhealthy habit that may have caused it
It is set entirely in a smoking room, where we get to know the strange assortment of employees united by their unhealthy habit.
Yoga poses, pranayamas and meditations all bring the awareness to see emotional eating as an unhealthy habit and provide the skills to effectively process and resolve our emotional distress.
Fingers is a pet iguana who has an unhealthy habit of gulping down nails, screws, and coins.
Whereas Cigarettes Are Sublime, Klein's last book, was a sly and successful apologia for an unhealthy habit, Eat Fat is a freak show, an absurd artifact advancing a thesis so exaggerated that its occasional interesting facts - among them, that doctors who draft studies supporting weight-loss drugs often work for the drugs' manufacturers - are lost in the folds of its hyperbole.
This is an opportunity to jettison every euphemism often employed in the endless debates on smoking and self-determination and state the truth bluntly that smoking is an unhealthy habit that no individual or society has ever benefited from.