unheard of

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4-ounce Rex 3 was far from perfect, but it offered a size and functionality unheard of in the world of electronic organizers.
The union successfully negotiated a benefits package that includes health insurance, paid vacations, sick days, and forty-hour workweeks--still unheard of in the rest of Chinatown.
In natural gamma sources, for example, "a [dose] that's three times the average is practically unheard of," he says.
Consumers will be able to use computers, televisions, phones, and anything electronic all at the same time at speeds unheard of until today.
Hobbled by an ankle injury and on crutches three weeks ago, Roger Federer did something practically unheard of on Sunday - he lost a match.
Mr Aquino states, "There are few retail properties in Downtown Brooklyn that offer such spacious floor plates, and the capacity for indoor parking is practically unheard of.
Priestly involvement in homosexual child-abuse has reached an unheard of level and has been given unheard of publicity in North American media.
a renowned manufacturer of high-performance computers and personal technology, today announced the next generation Grand Canyon display that will be bringing desktop views and resolutions to unheard of new heights.
They said loud parties or disturbances were almost unheard of.
And the availability of large floor plates of 75,000 s/f is a unique feature that is unheard of in this market," said Ms.
We had well over 100 bids the first day, which is unheard of,'' said Craig Gauger, senior account manager for Kompolt Inc.
Although 4-wheel drive was common among larger American tractors, it was unheard of in the compact sector and became a standard for the industry.