unheard of

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Such cooperation wasn't unheard of, just remarkable after years of clashing.
Part of the recent trend of busy disposition activity within the REIT industry, the sale is also part of a growing club of building trades in which properties have fetched values greater than a billion dollars--an unheard of sum for a single asset only a few years ago.
We beat the targets with the single cylinder, which is almost unheard of.
It's not unheard of to hear that a child has been swallowed by a python in Zimbabwe because the mother had to keep the child by a tree as she looked for water; it's not unheard of to see children dropping out of school because they have to help their mothers find water.
This is almost unheard of in the animation industry.
Even though it's unheard of that employers would be subjecting employees to testing, it's very timely and likely that an employee could allege that because something was known about their genetic makeup that inappropriate action was taken.
Attorney Meredith Hunter is stunned when the will announces that Rowena's unheard of grandson, corporate raider James Grant Gallagher, will inherit everything; if he refuses the $100 million plus estate will go literally to the dogs.
This is almost unheard of since the team consists entirely of upperclassmen and Ryoma is only a 7th grader.
Such a thing would have been unheard of, even ten years ago
We know it's not unheard of for the indicator in the receiver meter of your AN/GRC-103 radio to stick.
Wellings at a time when Pennsylvania is the only state to recognize their union and interracial marriages are unheard of elsewhere.
The concept of white privilege is widely acknowledged in the US, but in the UK it's unheard of.