Union Shop

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Union Shop

A type of business in which an employer is allowed to hire a nonunion worker, who, however, must subsequently join the union in order to be permitted to continue work.

A union shop is different from a Closed Shop; in the latter situation, the employee must be a union member before being hired.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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The record is clear: Right to Work works, while the union shop, which encour-ages productivity-killing work rules and a hate-the-boss work environment, leads to economic stagnation and financial misery.
Cindy Roeser of Roeser Construction takes a long-term view of the admittedly higher cost of being a union shop.
Opponents said requiring all workers to pay dues was fair because federal law requires unions to represent all workers in a union shop, including nonmembers.
In union shop situations, the employer may even collect dues on behalf of the union by payroll deduction.
In return, the politicians acquiesce to union demands for a union shop and the dues checkoff.
In negotiating several past contracts, the local took what would seem to be a more rigid stance, calling for a union shop, which all PASTA members would be required to join.
The Glasco ruling has sent shock waves through the artistic community; people have suggested that important decisions about the arts have been made by naive men who have treated a cultural organization like a union shop, and who have no real understanding of the function of an artistic director.
While three jolt squeeze machines were in operation, absenteeism was a problem at the union shop, and most of the time two molders a day were out.
First, residence in a non-right-to-work state does not necessarily mean that a covered employee's union has been able to win a union shop in collective bargaining.
On the subject of how politically different Scotland is from the rest of the UK, I had a wonderful letter from one Jamie Webster, pictured, who retired from the Govan Shipyard where he spent his whole working life, 32 years of which as the union shop steward and convenor.
As a former trade union shop steward, I passionately believe in engaging with trade unions and members and firmly believe a strong joint approach is the best way to secure jobs and improve services as we negotiate this most challenging of times.
In addition, the public purse is still paying for full time trade union shop stewards throughout local government.

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