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With SDDC units training almost exclusively at their assigned location-- seaport or power projection platform--Kane said unit commanders maintained battle books for those locations, and annual training was predominantly conducted the same time every year at the same locations.
8 million original equipment medium/wide-base/heavy on-highway commercial truck tire units are estimated to be shipped in 2006, for an increase of nearly 9%, or 560,000 units.
Standard features: MC4 control; accumulator assist on larger units.
The proposed regulations conclude instead that the engine and the airframe are separate units of property under the factors listed under Category Three.
Klempner sees a trend toward portable units, except in big cities, where more material typically comes to the yard.
Acquisition financing for $450,000 for a single (1) story building containing two (2) commercial units and an outdoor parking lot located in Ashland, MA.
Winning units received a plaque, a Chief of Staff of the Army Star Note, and a note from the sergeant major of the Army congratulating them for their outstanding accomplishments.
The units will be occupied by families and single persons.
That guidance is based on the requirements of GASB standards to report separate financial statements or information for various reporting units (see the exhibit below for a summary of such units).
The second of the new 40-bed units was selected for this contingent rather than the first, since we projected that there was a sufficient number of appropriate indigenous residents to fill it.
As a result, women could only be assigned to headquarters or other rear-echelon units at overwhelmingly low combat risk.