Universal partnership

UNIVERSAL PARTNERSHIP. The name of a specie's of partnership by which all the partners agree to put in common all their property, universorum bonorum, not only what they then have, but also what they shall acquire. Poth. Du Contr. de Societe, n. 29.
     2. In Louisiana, universal partnerships are allowed, but properly which may accrue to one of the parties, after entering into the partnership, by donation, succession, or legacy, does not become common stock, and any stipulation to that effect, previous to the obtaining the property aforesaid, is void. Civ. Code, art. 2800.

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* 4 level health visiting service model (Community, Universal, Universal Plus and Universal Partnership Plus)
"It has to envisage bringing about a quantum leap in the effort to build a universal partnership for sustainable development encompassing the scientific principles of the UN Summit Declaration and the Rio Earth Summit 2012," HH Sheikh Jaber pointed out.
In England, some models, such as those used in York or Liverpool, utilise the four levels of service (Your Community, Universal, Universal Plus and Universal Partnership Plus) to determine need.
As well as the areas described, there is still an expectation to deliver all elements of the Healthy Child Programme within the service model; Universal, Universal Plus; Universal Partnership Plus and Community.
There are four levels, with safeguarding as a theme through all levels, outlining a continuum of support which children should expect from the school nurse: community, universal, universal plus, universal partnership plus.
The weekend started with discussion with Viv Bennett, deputy chief nursing officer at the DH, which stimulated thinking but required the collection of material as to what sound health visiting practice does and should involve in terms of community, universal, universal plus and universal partnership plus services.
Their experiences have been variable--some appear to be well prepared to deliver services across four levels of the new vision (community, universal, universal plus and universal partnership plus), while health visitors in others have raised some serious concerns.
The 20 EISs--two from each strategic health authority (SHA) region--have been chosen by SHAs because they are believed to be in a position where they are able to deliver the four levels of the new vision--'community', 'universal', 'universal plus' and 'universal partnership plus'--by 31 March 2012.
* Universal partnership plus--on-going support from children's and family services.
* Universal Partnerships & Licensing highlighted its blockbuster films Minions and Jurassic World, as well as the upcoming The Secret Life of Pets.

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