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Question: Could researchers harness this phenomenon to create reversible adhesive bonds that would allow us to readily join, unjoin, and rejoin car parts?
Therefore, few analyses have focused on the maturity of the males, in which the size at first maturity can be defined by the proportion of specimens with joined or unjoined petasma (Costa & Fransozo, 2004; Sobrino & Garcia, 2007).
Frankie sees an end to her experience as an "unjoined person" and this seems actually to heighten her sympathy for others.
'The Unjoined Debate', in The Citizen and the State.
This test involves placing the unjoined connector within a bioaerosol chamber and spraying an aerosol containing a high concentration of bacteria (an approach similar to that used for the evaluation of microbiological active air samplers).
(1) By far the most common traditional structure is a stack of single leaves, unjoined, each with one to three holes, strung together on cords, often through only one of the holes, typically the left [Fig.
Assembled but unjoined (and, like the poems, without syntax), they signify a renunciative ambition: to produce work that is not built, after all; work that is articulated but otherwise only barely formed, and made to function at our feet.
the unjoined initial [beta] - of fimwt't in line 2 and of [beta] yrt in line 5.
But there have been unintended consequences of all sorts - a tangle of unjoined up thinking.
(132) Courts applying the rule referred to unjoined "interested" persons as persons who would be hypothetically "affected" by a complete decree, and therefore must be joined before the suit could go forward.
She wants interpersonal connection, not individual dominance: as the novel's very first page establishes, Frankie is an "unjoined person" (3) who seeks union with others.
Sixth, the mixture of joined and unjoined letters in the text shows that though he can think logically, he does not have an easy and relaxed conversational flow.