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Unassessed or settled; not ascertained in amount.

An unliquidated debt, for example, is one for which the precise amount owed cannot be determined from the terms of the contractual agreement or another standard.

See: delinquent, outstanding, overdue, unpaid

DAMAGES, UNLIQUIDATED. The unascertained amount which is due to a person by another for an injury to the person, property, or relative rights of the party injured. These damages, being unknown, cannot be set off against the claim which the tort feasor has against the party injured. 2 Dall. 237; S. C. 1 Yeates, 571; 10 Serg. & Rawle 14; 5 Serg. & Rawle 122.

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Following Argonaut, construction defect cases in Florida, in contrast to many other States, continued to confirm that whether damages are unliquidated is irrelevant to a determination of whether prejudgment interest is available.
One plausible explanation for this lack of discussion is that the courts, especially the federal courts, have maintained that the payment of prejudgment interest is generally inappropriate when calculating damages on unliquidated claims such as those that rise in personal injury cases.
But cash transfer programs are typically riddled with issues including duplicate or fraudulent households, the untimely release of funds, and unliquidated funds due to distance or ineligible beneficiaries.
Defensor-Santiago was also a critic of the DSWDs conditional cash transfer (CCT) scheme and the unliquidated cash advances worth P5 billion.
COA added: "Further, the unliquidated balance of P662,492,805.
Unliquidated obligations must be sufficient to cover the costs for termination of convenience.
Unliquidated obligations that are no longer needed to pay for goods and services tie up funds that could be used for other permissible purposes.
Billups, who was represented by counsel in the bankruptcy proceeding, also completed a form listing his assets that specifically asked if he any had any contingent or unliquidated claims of any kind.
6) A claim is unliquidated if the amount due is contested; only becoming certain and therefore unliquidated when finally fixed and determined by the trier of fact.
In a decision recently signed by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, Costelo was found guilty of simple neglect of duty over his unliquidated cash advances amounting to P388,159 in 2014.