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Country: United States of America
State: Florida

I have recently found out that a check I wrote over a year ago bounced and never got paid and that I have a warrant out for my arrest. the amount of the check was $302.00 and I am currently unable to pay it. I was working and was supposed to get a paycheck that never came. my question is what am I looking at? jail time? I am worried about the situation and how I should go about handling it


If you show it was an accident and you did not know, jail time is not likely--
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When a bank returns any unpaid cheque also, the customer receives a cheque return advice generated from the BCTS from his bank," he said.
Also, can the company deduct the unpaid cheque amount from my salary?
If a bank returns any unpaid cheque, the customer also receives a cheque return advice generated from the BCTS from his bank.
There was an unpaid cheque meant to settle a vet's bill for pounds 535, and one for his Sky TV account for just pounds 47.
I RECEIVED a bank charge of pounds 58 for an unpaid cheque, as I never had enough funds to cover the cheque, and an additional pounds 28 unauthorised overdraft fee.
Its current account report found the average unpaid cheque fee had risen 20% from about pounds 27.
When writing a cheque make sure the date, amount and signature are correct, to avoid an unpaid cheque charge.
Additionally, the central bank found that insufficient funds were the major cause for unpaid cheques, followed by accounts closed or EeAaelegally blockedEe' accounts; Oman Telecommunications Co (Omantel) said it has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire from the Treasury 425.
August 8, 2016 (JUBA) - South Sudan's finance minister Stephen Dhieu Dau has cancelled unpaid cheques owed to businessmen until a new fiscal budget is passed.