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Still, the overemphasis on the parental role and the minimization of the marital relationship don't seem to be experienced as a source of marital unsatisfaction for the majority of the couples.
The mood of satisfacion or unsatisfaction positively/negatively influences many personal and organizational employees' atitudes.
A dissatisfied customer imparts his unsatisfaction to minimum ten persons, but a satisfied customer imparts his satisfaction only to three persons.
15) We can divine in Wyatt's love poetry personality traits that could play an unreckoned role in its habitual unsatisfaction.
The subjects pointed out a lack of durability of toys made in Korea as the first reason for unsatisfaction with the toys, followed by poor qualities in designs and color of toys, and a lack of safety, in order.
He describes his emotional reactions to his current situation in life as a "vague feeling of unsatisfaction, of regret, or almost remorse" (p.
RAWALPINDI -- The District Bar Association Rawalpindi President Raja Nasir expressed unsatisfaction over the security arrangements in the district courts premises.
This standard has 21 items and traits such as: mood, pessimism, fearing-feel, unsatisfaction, guilt-feel, hate of self, self-torment attitudes, withdrawal of society, undetermination, disorder in body's image, laziness in work, getting tired and anorexia are included and by measuring it we can perform measuring this group of subject characteristics [12].