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Romesh Gunesekera and Imtiaz Dharker have invoked the unsettledness of their cultural experience as the foundation for their art.
Segun Fumerton, el uso del concepto unsettledness (inestabilidad) permite evitar una atribucion de vagabundaje, mendicidad o maldad a los miles de pobres--migrantes, jornaleros, gente sin calificaciones, sin domicilio fijo--que trabajaban fuera de marcos oficiales de empleo, y cuyas vidas se encontraban "en un estado de ruptura" (10).
Disagreements arose between the religious groups at Antioch College, which led to a general sense of unsettledness.
In other words, the nationless state is likely to find that its unsettledness and unease about itself is given expression not in the processes which determine it, in political fact and within the practice of international law and diplomacy, as a state, but in the less magniloquent though almost certainly more trenchant discourses that variously witness and give vent to the sense of a fallacy, or incompleteness, at the heart of the therefore delusive fullness of that determination.
Apparently, the conflict seems to have been between the unsettledness of the political systems in the region versus the unchangeable nature of Islam.
However, Fumerton suggests that Barlow's sense of alienation, and his unsettledness firstly in employment and then in space, are in some respects typical of the experience of the early modern poor.
There is a restlessness, a search for new experiences, an excitement about a new brave world of the internet, and the computer, hence the drift, the general unsettledness that sends characters on a quest which no one village or city can satisfy (Nnolim 2005: 10-1).
Unscheduled urbanization and unsettledness of legal and institutional infrastructure have resulted in urban sprawl of big cities in Turkey.
With a slight nod to our reputation for political unsettledness, Eugene's new motto could be: "Itch, itch, itch.
Rather than attempting a grand unifying theory that might allow us once and for all to "settle" the question of the narrative voice, she explores and exploits its unsettledness.
Whenever an organization goes through multiple transitions, feelings of uneasiness and unsettledness become all too common.